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Recipes:  Why I Love Using My Vitamix

Letter From Cristina:

When I was growing up on the Southern California coast, healthy living was a topic long before it became hip. The Jack LaLane exercise TV show, nutritionists like Adele Davis, Euell Gibbons and the then new health magazine Prevention were common topics for both of my grandmothers. They were "health-food-nuts," owning juicers and including an abundance of fresh produce in their menus. Despite the onslaught of highly processed "health" foods, both grandmothers held fast to their beliefs that real food was always the better choice.Thanks to their inspiration, I've always been interested in the connection between food and health.

Interested yes, but not always practicing what I was learning. I've certainly downed quite a bit of food that didn't do me any good! Slowly I've learned to align my actions with my values and found that I'm healthier the older I get. Here's a rule I eased into that works for me. I call it the  90-10 Rule -- eat very well 90% of the time (or calories) and splurge 10% of the calories (or time). For me living by the 90-10 rule is sustainable.  As I've learned more about food, my splurges are much healthier. I gave up non-fat frozen yogurt for organic premium ice cream, and tossed the trans fat, using real butter in my cookies. 

So why do I love using my Vitamix?  I bought my Vitamix about 9 years ago and have been using it up to several times a day since then. I'd heard about Vitamix for years, but felt it was a little too pricey for me at the time. I bought blenders and food processors and figured that those appliances were "good enough."  (They weren't, but I had only the typical expectations.) My big motivation came when my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. During the time my siblings and I got him comfortably situated in a care facility I thought about his situation and genetics. His mother had a few memory challenges towards the end of her very long life, but nothing insurmountable. She lived alone until she passed on in her late 80's. Two things were very different between how my grandmother and father lived. My grandmother dedicated herself to regular exercise and a daily diet teaming with fresh produce and high quality local dairy and meat. My father was a busy executive with a penchant for the good life teamed with a weekend warrior exercise credo.

After a visit with my father in his care facility, I decided on the way back home to further improve my diet. I know that there are not known deterrents or cures yet for the terrible disease of Alzheimer's, but I do know that maintaining optimum health helps me live my best life. I'd developed good habits akin to my grandmothers, but didn't always eat the 7 to 10 fruits and vegetables that many experts recommend. I knew from my research that there was one machine that could easily help me, the Vitamix. What I didn't realize was that besides pulverizing produce for soups and smoothies, the Vitamix is the tool for the dedicated Foodie. And I do love food! I watched the Vitamix video then tried out the techniques on my grandmother's vintage red chili sauce recipe. Wow!! Her red chili sauce traditionally took 2 hours to make a gallon, and included separating the chili skins from the pulp in a hand-turned food mill. With the Vitamix the sauce was done in a quarter hour or so and the nutrition and fiber in the chili skins was included in the sauce. The chii sauce tasted great and I didn't need to add any corn masa to thicken it as the fiber of the chili skins enriched the sauce. I was hooked on my Vitamix. Since then I've adapted my cooking techniques to include the Vitamix whenever I can.

I enjoy making wonderful foods for my family and friends and the Vitamix makes it easy and fun. I highly recommend buying a Vitamix. The company has been making Vitamix machines for over 80 years. The machine comes with a 7 year guarantee and the service is quick. (I know this, because I accidentaly dropped a spoon in mine.) If you're unsure, the Vitamix company offers a free 30 day in-home trial when you order online or by phone. Please click through on this link to purchase, or call and mention my code number. As part of the Vitamix Affiliate Program, the small percentage I earn from sales funds my life's work -- sharing and encouraging the creative life.

Thank You!


vitamix_aff_5200_sm.jpgI Love Using My Vitamix!

Vitamix is more than just a big blender. It's a powerful tool in the kitchen and a powerful tool for a healthy diet. Vitamix recipes and techniques enable you to eat up to 10 fruits and vegetables along with whole grains that are recommended by experts and you'll love the ease and simplicity of the Vitamix.

I use my Vitamix several times a day to make whole food juice, soups from scratch, sauces. smoothies and more. If you're a foodie, you'll love how the Vitamix emulsifies sauces and gravies, grinds grains, purees vegetables & fruits and even mixes a mean margarita or frappuccino!

Start your 30-day no-risk in-home trial today and you'll get FREE Standard Ground Shipping when you click this link!

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