The Dancing Bear

The Dancing Bear by Cristina Acosta

I’ve never seen a bear dance, though I have seen one stand and sway in front of a sliding glass door. Standing on the other side of the glass, I wondered who was more curious. I knew that I was the more scared of the two of us only because the encounter wasn’t my idea, but the bear’s. It wouldn’t occur to me to get that close to a bear, but the bear decided to get that close to me.

After a few more sways side to side and then putting his paws on the glass to shield his eyes as he pressed his head against the window for a better view (he knew what he was doing), he dropped to all fours and ambled away.

Eventually, Fish and Game trapped him and moved him. I hope he lived a long and happy life. Despite his personal power, we humans are the apex predator of this planet, so I have my doubts.

That was many years ago but I still think of that bear from time to time. His eyes had a sentient and soulful quality. I titled this piece, “The Dancing Bear,”   because of his sway. I think of him as only dancing to the beat of his own drum. 

Title: The Dancing Bear

Size: Aprox 10” x 20” (check with gallery for accurate measurements)

Medium: Acrylic, pencil and charcoal on wood panel with resin

Price: please contact Terzian Gallery

Host Gallery: Terzian Gallery, Park City, Utah. (435) 649-4927