Gingerbread cookie recipe

Vintage Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

Make these gingerbread cookies a few days ahead then invite friends to a decorating party during the Christmas holiday. These spicy gingerbread cookies are a vintage 1970’s gingerbread cookie recipe my sister Alisa and I have been making since we were young teenagers. It’s a family tradition we would love to pass to you. These …

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Color expert Cristina Acosta talks about white paint colors

Benjamin Moore’s 2016 Color of the Year is a Safe Bet for an Election Year

Will the 2016 election year be a white-out or a clean start? It’s impossible to say what the future holds, and one color that can swing in most any stylistic direction says it all – White. Benjamin Moore Paints, a U.S. paint coatings company based on the East Coast recently announced their choice of the …

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Color Wheel from Paint Happy by ©Cristina Acosta

Complementary Colors – Tips and Ideas

Remember that opposites attract and you’ll start to get a grip on the concept of complementary colors.  But like any relationship of opposites, the passionate pop of togetherness can be festive and passionate or garish and out-of-control. What exactly are complementary colors? Simply, they are colors that are directly opposite each other on the color …

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Bears in Love, ©Cristina Acosta, 36" x 36", mixed media on wood panel

Galleries Representing Artist Cristina Acosta

Thank you to the beautiful art galleries representing my original paintings. If you see an image on this website and you’d like to see it in person, and you live near any of the art galleries listed below, they can order it for you subject to availability, or commission a piece just for you. If …

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Cottage Cheese Yogurt Breakfast Pie by Cristina Acosta

Resilient Pie Recipe: Cottage Cheese Yogurt Pie

Raise chickens and cows and you’ll need some good recipes to use up your eggs and milk. During the 1980’s I owned a small  ranch east of Bend, Oregon. Twenty acres of volcanic rimrock, juniper tree lined ridges and flood irrigated grasslands were topped with a collection of small sun-bleached wood buildings garnished with eighty years …

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Contemporary Hispanic art Guadalupe by Cristina Acosta

Contemporary Hispanic Spiritual Religious Art

Contemporary Hispanic retablos are altars that celebrate the North American madonnas of La Conquistadora and the Guadalupe and others that Cristina creates with precious metals, beeswax, oil paint and 22kt gold glazed antique ceramic mosaic on antique wood panels. Retablos range from 18″ tall to over 52″ tall. Artist Statement:This religious art is my expression …

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Isabella Acosta Barnajumping ©Cristina Acosta

Build Resilience by Finding Your Edge Then Pushing Past It

The word edgy has gotten a workout the past few years. Originally describing nervous and jumpy people, the word has morphed to include daring, provocative and trend setting. Transformative ideas are often described with attributes of the edge: Leading-edge, cutting-edge, pushing-the-edge. Though edges are often paired with  thrill seeking, intellectually, physically or emotionally – thrill …

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Cristina Acosta and Isabella Acosta Barna

Aging Openly and Other Awesome Side Effects of Going Gray

I call the short little inhaling gasp some people make when surprised the “in-suck”. I named it because I used to hear it so much. Consequently, the term needed a much shorter name than, “the short little……” blah, blah, blah. Stay in shape; take good care of your skin and teeth; take your vitamins; wear …

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California State Bear Flag paintings by Cristina Acosta

2015 New Paintings of Animals and Plants

A lifetime spent living with nature in the mountains or coast has come to full circle when I moved to the Southern California desert this year. Inspired by the three West Coast climate zones that have nurtured my life, my new series of paintings is divided into three themes: Desert, Woodland and Coastal. In the …

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