Guadalupe with a Tear Contemporary Latina Art Retablo

Contemporary Religious art Guadalupe with a Tear by ©Cristina Acosta
Guadalupe with a Tear by ©Cristina Acosta

Embracing her child, the Guadalupe lovingly gazes at the child, Jesus. Here, La Guadalupe is the symbol of mother-love. Three playful birds flit within a field of copper leaf over tinted and textured wax incised with the shapes of roses. A 22 kt. gold leaf sphere glows above. Tile mosaic of antique 24kt. gold glazed poly chorme tiles is both a decorative surround and the pattern of her cloak. After painting the image, the seam between planks opened, creating a “tear” like line. Rather than filling the line, I saw that the tear symbolized the prescient moment when she intuited that her child would be destined for greatness and understood her role to nurture his beginning life with unconditional love.

Title of Artwork:  Guadalupe with a Tear


Oil; 22kt gold, sterling silver and copper metal leaf; wax; antique 24kt. Gold glazed tile mosaic; semi-precious stones on vintage Ponderosa Pine wood panel reclaimed from a 1904 wood mill and formed by an artisan wood worker into a single panel.

Size:  18” x 24”

Year:  2005/2006