La Conquistadora in Prayer. Ex-voto Retablo by Cristina Acosta

Contemporary Hispanic art Conquistadora with Corn Corazon
Conquistadora with Corn Corazon by ©Cristina Acosta

La Conquistadora, the country’s oldest Madonna is shown here with her hands in prayer posture cradling her heart of corn. A 22kt. gold leaf crown adorns her head. She watches over the high sun, moon and lands below. Floral patterns embellish the sky. Her body is a rock wall of gold glazed mosaic that stretches across the horizon and drops down a flower to the earth. Her blessings rain down upon us.

Title: Corn Corazon (Heart) Conquistadora

Size: 18″ x 24″

Medium: Oil; 22kt gold, sterling silver and copper metal leaf; antique ceramic mosaic tile with 24k gold glazes; on vintage wood planks of Ponderosa Pine wood panel reclaimed from a 1904 wood mill and formed by an artisan wood worker into a single panel.

Date: 2006