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California State Bear Flag paintings by Cristina Acosta

California State Bear Flags Paintings

Born in the Bear State, my grandmother would tell me stories about the last Mexican Governor, Pio Pico. Her godmother, Catalina (Catherine) Pico was Pio Pico’s granddaughter. Born in 1904, my grandmother was her namesake, Catalina Ortiz. Though the school books of the time didn’t tell us much about the Mexican War and the Spanish/Mexican experience of the “conquered” people, my grandmother’s stories gave me a richer and less glossy vision of history.

I love the richness of the State of California in all of it’s complexities. These paintings are inspired by that love.

Title: California State Bear Flag Paintings
Medium: Mixed media Acrylic with resin on wood panel
Size: 48″ x 24″ each painting of the two paintings.

Note: this series of paintings are designed to be shown singly or together in pairs, trios or more. Like tiles on a wall, they can mix together in many different groupings.

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