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Woodland Series: Mama Bear and Cub with Crows

Mama Bear with Cub – Woodland Series

Childhood summers spent in Big Bear Lake, California, included not only a few bear sightings, but a bear visiting our cabin deck eating our dog’s food. It followed trails of cookies that neighbors naively thought would “lead it back into the forest,” and came back for more. When more became too much, the young adult male bear would climb one of the surrounding Ponderosa pines and look down on the dogs and kids. I was a 12 year old learning to paint during that summer and used that bear for a painter’s model. Within a couple of weeks the local Forest Ranger had successfully trapped it for relocation in the nearby San Gorgonio wilderness.

I’ve loved painting bears ever since. I’ve been working on a series of bear art paintings perfect as cabin art and cabin decor.

Title: Woodland Series – Mama Bear with Cub Price:
Medium: Mixed media Acrylic with resin on wood panel
size: 36″ x 36″

Title: Crows Among the Cover Price:
Medium: Mixed media Acrylic with resin on wood panel
Size: 12″ x 36″

Note: this series of paintings are designed to be shown singly or together in pairs, trios or more. Like tiles on a wall, they can mix together in many different groupings.

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