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La Sirena Verde The Green Mermaid by ©Cristina Acosta

Contemporary Hispanic Art Retablo by Cristina Acosta – The Green Mermaid

In the Retablo tradition of the Ex-Voto, I painted this for my sister, Alisa Acosta to celebrate the blessing of her recovery from cancer. The image on a Ex-Voto  is a visual acknowledgment and expression of gratitude for  a blessing received. Sharing my sister’s journey to recovery with her I am in awe of her strength.

We grew up on the Southern California coast and when we were children, spent many days at the beach across the street from our Abuelita’s (grandmother’s) house. Our memories of the beach are a source of happiness to both of us. We’d play in the waves, boogie board, pop buds on long strings of kelp, or walk out onto the jetty with brown sacks of warm tortilla chips fresh from my Abuelita’s cast iron fry pan. On the beach, standing on the water’s edge and facing west, with the Los Angeles metropolis of millions of people at our backs, we would look into the wilderness of the ocean. This strong, iconic mermaid reflects both the divine feminine along with the beauties and powers of the ocean. The dominant color scheme is  my sister’s favorite color — green, the color of a clear, crisp ocean wave.

Title: La Sirena Verde / The Green Mermaid

Medium: Oil and Sterling Silver metal leaf with antique 24kt. gold glazed ceramic mosaic on artisan made Ponderosa Pine planks salvaged from a 1904 building in Bend, Oregon.

Size: 17″ x 24″

Year: January 2008

To commission a Ex-voto celebrating a blessing, contact me.

La Sirena Azul The Blue Mermaid by ©Cristina Acosta

Mermaid Altar Retablo by Contemporary Latina Artist, Cristina Acosta

The mermaid retablo image is strong and iconic. Her tail swoops above her, creating a sort of crown. The shape of her tail and body combine to create a shape reminiscent of plant life. A horizon line of sterling silver leaf goes through her eyes, reminiscent of sea foam. The mosaic embracing her is studded with sea shells amid 24kt. gold glazed ceramic tile pieces.

I spent my early childhood living by the sea. I used to see pictures of mermaids and think that they were mostly all wrong looking renditions of sexy sea nymphs waiting for a sailor to fall overboard and float into their domain. This mermaid is different. She represents the ocean as a life giving, beautiful place but with the feeling that the dark and foreboding side of her world is also present. I love the sea, yet I’m always a bit afraid of the dark, unknown waters around me. She is my homage to the beautiful changeable sea.

Title: La Sirena / The Mermaid

Size:  18” x 24”

Year: 2007 September

Medium:  Oil; sterling silver leaf; antique 24kt. Gold glazed tile mosaic; semi-precious stones on vintage Ponderosa Pine wood panel reclaimed from a 1904 wood mill and formed by an artisan wood worker into a single panel.