The Desert Sun, Palm Springs Artist Series

California Series Desert Bighorn Sheep
California Series: Desert Bighorn Sheep by ©Cristina Acosta

Marilyn Chung and Rosalie Murphy, journalists with the Desert Sun in Palm Springs, California, put together a wonderful series  of videos and articles about artists in Palm Springs. The writing and videography is lovely and I feel so grateful as well as a bit flattered to be part of the series.

Last week, the Desert Sun featured artist Tolley Marney, a steel sculptor. On the roster are: Terry Masters, a plein aire landscape oil painter whose masterful paintings of the urban and natural desert landscape are breathtaking; and Rose Rosendo, a feminist mid-century modern artist who came of age in the 1960’s, and me – Cristina Acosta. It’s a wonderful series introducing Coachella Valley, California, readers to the variety of local artists.

Mid-life and older artists have lived a commitment to the physical and spiritual practice of creation across decades. Artistic and career success comes and goes on a variety of levels, but the commitment to engage with the world through art continues despite the changes within our minds and hearts and the world around us as time ticks by. I am so blessed to know so many artists and writers and to have lived a life in their presence.

Check out the Desert Sun newspaper. And thank you.