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Afraid of Color? Is it Chromophobia or a Fear of Expensive Mistakes?

Are you afraid of paint color? You might be. Or, maybe you just have a fear of making expensive interior decorating mistakes. Although paint is often touted as a cheap and easy interior design fix, in reality painting your home can be a big, expensive and messy project. With paint prices between $30 – $80 per …

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Primary Colors are Red, Blue and Yellow

To the artist and color professional there are only three primary colors; red, yellow and blue. From these three colors, all other colors can be mixed, which is why they are called "primary". In the world of mixing paint, it takes more than just one or two pigments to make every other color in existence because each pigment whether natural or human-made is rarely "purely" a red, yellow or blue.

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Are You Tired of Struggling with Paint Color Choices?

So how does a person pick exterior paint colors? There are a variety of color solutions to this question ranging from the custom to off-the-rack choices. As a color consultant, when I work with a client to choose colors, the process is completely custom. Together we build a color palette that works with their architecture, environmental setting and possibly the local neighborhood association.

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