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Choosing paint colors? You can choose paint colors yourself or hire a color expert or color consultant to choose paint colors and create a color plan for your project. If you are choosing colors yourself, scroll down for a list of Cristina’s wall paint ideas. Cristina works on-site and can also do remote color consults (via photos, phone, skype). Cristina’s project experience includes:

  • Residential interior and exterior paint colors and decor items such as surfaces and textiles.
  • Commercial businesses interior and exterior paint colors and coverings such as flooring, etc.
  • Institutional architecture such as schools, residential subdivision color palettes, condo units.
  • Business projects such as color consulting for books and other intellectual projects

You may have strong ideas about the types of colors you like, or you may not have a clue. No worries, Cristina has an approach that guides you to the best color choices for you and your building. She brings extensive knowledge to the color choosing process to help you fit your best colors in your home, office or business. Creating a successful color plan usually takes only a few hours for a residence. Prices are hourly or project based. Cristina can work with you or your design team.

What Happens in a Color Consult meeting?  ON-site or Remote
  1. Cristina Acosta Color_Swatch_JumbleMeeting with you on-site, Cristina will guide you through a color choosing process she’s developed.
  2. Together you will create a color plan that works with everything in your space. Cristina will specify placement of the colors, so that your color choices will flow well throughout the architecture of your project.
  3. When the appointment is over you receive a report detailing your color plan and placement notes for every room.

Remote: There is a different process depending upon your needs. Cristina will detail that process with you and include that plan in your first billing.

You will receive a report: Cristina will create a color plan report detailing the paint colors, the color placement, color sheen, etc. as well as any design ideas  discussed. Large paint sample papers that you can file to coordinate with your future furniture, decor and textile purchases.

How much does it cost?

If you live in Southern California, (Cristina Acosta is based in Palm Springs, California), the cost of color consulting is per hour with a minimum initial visit cost or by the project, depending upon the size and complexity of your job.

Large architectural color projects may be billed on a day rate or project bid. Projects outside of those areas are usually billed on a day rate.

Travel expenses plus a per diem and day-rate may apply.

More questions? Call color expert, Cristina Acosta at 541-389-5711 and talk to her about your project.


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