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Original Paintings Art Portfolios

Cristina Acosta creates her original paintings in series. A classically trained artist, she is at home in most paint mediums, working in; oils, acrylics, watercolor, pen, pencil, ink, charcoal and mixed media. Her art work is consistently figurative and richly textured across the variety of series she has created. Originals or prints are available of the images you see. There are many additional images in each series that are also available.

Contact Cristina to purchase original art, order a giclee print or to license her images for reprint or products.

2015 New Paintings: Woodland, Desert, Ocean.

Cristina has lived her life in the three major climate zones of the West Coast; the beach, the mountains and the desert. Living close to nature has defined her life. Cristina interwove the climate zones and her life experience into her new series. She designed these images to work together singly or in larger groupings to create diptychs, triptychs and murals. Contact Cristina to purchase these original paintings. Paintings are mixed media on hardwood panels. Prices range from under $500 (the 10″ birds) to $3,800 (for the 36″ square large animals). The actual price varies for each image. Copyrights are retained by the artist. Licensing rights are available.

Woodland Series: Mama Bear and Cub with Crows
Woodland Series Raccoons by Cristina Acosta
Desert Series: Desert Tortoise with Prickly Pear triptych
Desert Series: Jack Rabbit and Ocotillo by ©Cristina Acosta
California Series Desert Bighorn Sheep
Woodland Series: Chickadee by Cristina Acosta
Woodland Series - Bird by Cristina Acosta
Ocean Series: Otter with Sea Star by Cristina Acosta
California State Bear Flag paintings by Cristina Acosta


Spanish Hacienda Style Contemporary Retablos and Ex-votos of La Conquistadora and Guadalupe

Cristina paints her very personal series of retablos (New Mexican altars) inspired by the traditions of her Hispanic and American Indian ancestors. She considers these altars to be personal meditations and has created them as she is inspired to do so over a span of twenty years. These retablo altars are antique wood panels painted with oils and encaustic paints, embellished with antique ceramic tile mosaic, 22 kt. gold, sterling silver and copper metal leaf. Prices for these original paintings range from $2,800 for 18″ x 22″ retablos to $18,000 for 58″ x 42″ retablos. Copyrights are retained by the artist. Licensing and reprint rights are available.

La Conquistadora with Dine Spider Woman and Puebloan Corn Maiden by ©Cristina Acosta
La Conquistadora with Dine Spider Woman and Puebloan Corn Maiden by ©Cristina Acosta
Guadalupe with Crown - The World is Her Heart
Running Mediation - The Feminine Divine by ©Cristina Acosta
Guadalupe with a Tear by ©Cristina Acosta
Our Lady of Czestochowa by ©Cristina Acosta
Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta by ©Cristina Acosta
La Sirena Azul The Blue Mermaid by ©Cristina Acosta
Guadalupe by Cristina Acosta
Guadalupe with Child by ©Cristina Acosta
La Sirena Verde The Green Mermaid by ©Cristina Acosta
Eve and the Tree of Knowledge by ©Cristina Acosta
Conquistadora at the Center of the Universe by ©Cristina Acosta
Our Lady of the Winter Snows by ©Cristina Acosta




Cristina’s Paint Happy series, painted from 1996 to about 2010. Cristina’s book, Paint Happy! ©2002, ©2004 North Light Books.

Cristina’s Paint Happy series is whimsical, colorful and fun. Flowers, fruits and stars swirl through the air around objects, figures twirl and spin, a cacophony of color and movement reigns. You can purchase or commission Cristina to create your Paint Happy original art or you can buy her book, Paint Happy, and try making your own painting! It’s as fun as it looks! Some originals are available. Sold images are available as prints. Originals are available for $1,800.00. Copyrights are retained by the artist. Licensing rights are available.

Paint Happy - Dreamer and Her Angel ©Cristina Acosta
Paint Happy - El Circo by ©Cristina Acosta
Paint Happy - The Honeymooners by ©Cristina Acosta
Paint Happy - Mother Earth and Moon by ©Cristina Acosta
Paint Happy by Cristina Acosta
Goddess with Cats by © Cristina Acosta, Paint Happy series
Laundry Line © Cristina Acosta
Red Fish, Blue Fish © Cristina Acosta
Swing Dance © Cristina Acosta
Sunnyside Up © Cristina Acosta
Printmaking Monotypes 

Cristina studied printmaking for a few years at Atelier 6000 in Bend, Oregon. She loves creating painterly monotypes in a stream-of-conscious style. No pre-planning or drawing, just pigment, a plate and a press. It’s a beautiful way to spend a few hours. And sometimes, Cristina likes what she paints (it’s not always that way). Selected original monotypes are of various sizes on Rives BFK 100% Cotton paper. Prices vary. For example, Numinous Moon is $1,800.00. Coyote Dancing is $2,800.00. Copyrights are retained by the artist. Licensing rights are available.

Life Cycle Horse with Jack Rabbit and Birds - Cristina Acosta
Numinous Moon © Cristina Acosta
La Coneja The Rabbit © Cristina Acosta
Bird Dancer © Cristina Acosta
Broken Pairings - Goose Feet Study  ©  Cristina Acosta
Bird Dancer © Cristina Acosta